Rod Tyson

Special guest

When it comes to walking in the footsteps of giants, Rod Tyson has lived the “classic” mineral life that most collectors only dream of living. Growing up in Ontario, Canada, his interest in minerals started with family, continued with teachers and was forever, “written in stone” by his marriage to Helen - a fellow fossil and mineral collector. This part-time dealer evolved into a Tucson tailgater who then became a Desert Inn dealer. Then Munich, then Denver, then the TGMS - Tyson’s Fine Minerals Inc. was becoming a major player and Rod’s encyclopedic knowledge of Yukon minerals was becoming world-renowned. In 2018 Rod was presented with the prestigious American Mineral Heritage Award, by the Mineralogical Record, recognizing his contribution to the mineral collecting world through field-collecting.

Rod Tyson has been a guest on 2 episodes.