The State of the Mineral World and How to Preserve it for Future Generations - Part 1

Episode 01 · May 15th, 2018 · 1 hr 19 mins

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Recorded at the 2018 Fine Mineral Shows: Tucson (AKA The Westward Look Show, Gail and Jim sit down with Bryan Lees, Jamie Newman, John Rakovan, Dave Waisman and Stephen Neely to address the issue of The Current State of the Mineral Collecting World and How we Preserve it for Future Generations.

This panel represents a good slice of the American mineral-collecting community. We have a Mineral Dealer (Lees), a Museum Curator (Newmann), someone in the mineral media world (Rakovan), a Show Promoter (Waisman) and a Collector (Neely).

Lots of great comments, suggestions and ideas.

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11:04.804 - Rock Currier series on Being A Collector - referenced by John Rakovan
Published in The Mineralogical Record (
Only a few bound copies left. Otherwise, the articles were printed in the following issues:
Vol. 42-3 -
Vol. 40-3 -
Vol. 40-2 -
Vol. 40-1 -
Vol. 39-5 -
Vol. 39-4 -

12:23.954 - American Museum renovation - Jamie Newman

26:30.236 - Friends of Mineralogy, FMF, MinDat chat rooms - John Rakovan

26:59.339 - COLIDO chat room - Bryan Lees

30:17.537 - Jurassic Park interested in Amber - Dave Waisman

34:34.675 - John Culberson - Congressman from Houston - collector - Steve Neely

37:45.008 - “Garden of Crystals” book - Steve Neely

45:29.000 - Monica Rakovan’s book for children - John Rakovan

45:45.027 - Mineralogical Society of America - Website focusing on minerals for kids - John Rakovan

46:55.970 - Friends of Mineralogy Symposiums - Dave Waisman

49:13.776 - NCH: Smoky Hawk - Jim Spann

56:02.530 - Triphylite - Rechargable batteris - John Rakovan

1:06:05.903 - Yale Museum - Jim Spann

1:07:30.905 - Mineral Museums - Dave Waisman
Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History - New Haven, CT
Perot Museum of Nature and Science - Dallas, TX
University of Arizona Gem & Mineral Museum - Tucson, AZ
Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals - Hillsboro, OR

1:08:22.483 - SMMP - Bryan Lees

1:10:38.621 - Prospectors & Mineral Explorers - Bryan Lees
Prospectors Show
Mineral Explorers Show

1:15:56.229 - OceanView Mine - Dave Waisman

1:16:21.884 - Arkansas Pay To Dig Sites - Gail Spann
Crater Of Diamonds
Ron Coleman Mine

1:17:11.406 - Rocks & Minerals article on fee digging sites - John Rakovan

1:17:27.465 - Crystal Park near Butte. Montana - Dave Waisman

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