The State of the Mineral World and How to Preserve it for Future Generations - Part 2

Episode 02 · August 15th, 2018 · 1 hr 49 mins

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Recorded at the 2018 Fine Mineral Shows: Tucson (AKA The Westward Look Show), Gail and Jim sit down with Ian Bruce, Alan Hart, Christoph Keilmann, Jolyon Ralph, Peter Lyckberg and John Cornish to address the issue of The Current State of the Mineral Collecting World and How We Preserve it for Future Generations - but this time with a slightly European perspective.

This panel represents a good slice of the European mineral-collecting community. We have a Mineral Dealer (Bruce), a former Museum Curator and gem expert (Hart), someone in the mineral media world (Ralph), a Show Promoter (Keilmann) a two great Field Collectors (Lyckberg and Cornish).

Lots of great comments, suggestions and ideas.

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8:22 - Rod Tyson from Tyson's Fine Minerals - Ian Bruce
Rod was the 2018 winner of the American Mineral Heritage Award - the Mineralogical Record's annual award given out to living individuals recognizing their, "field collecting achievements contributing to the heritage of American mineral specimens." Past award recipients include: Edward Swoboda, Bill Larson, Bryan Lees, Wayne Thompson, Terry Szenics and Stanley Esbenshade.
Tysons' Fine Minerals -

9:58 - The Munich Show: Europe's largest mineral show - Christoph Keilmann

10:53 - MinDat: the largest mineral database in the world - Jolyon Ralph

15:39 - Natural History Museum of London (aka The British Museum) - Alan Hart

16:53 - Society of Mineral Museum Professionals (SMMP) - Alan Hart

27:39 - Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas - Gail Spann

36:09 - Mineral photographer Thomas Spann - Jim Spann

44:16 - Gem shows in Tucson - Alan Hart

44:28 - The Hope Diamond - Gail Spann
Wikipedia page -
Smithsonian Museum -

45:04 - The Prospectors show on the Weather Channel - Peter Lyckberg

45:18 - The New Crystal Hunters series produced by BlueCap Productions - Peter Lyckberg
NCH: The Sterling Mine -
NCH: Smoky Hawk -
NCH: Arkansas -

52:54 - The Changsha Mineral Show in China - Jolyon Ralph

57:48 - Social media and BlueCap Productions films - Ian Bruce

1:04:25 - The mineral magazines in Europe vs America - Ian Bruce
Mineralogical Record -
Lapis Magazine -

1:11:38 - The Tsumeb Show - a new mini show in Tucson - Ian Bruce

1:13:28 - David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum - Alan Hart

1:13:28 - "It's The Artifacts Stupid!" article by Bill Smith - Alan Hart
The Mineralogical Record - Vol.35, No.2 - Mar/Apr 2004

1:15:35 - Houston Museum of Natural Science - Gail Spann

1:16:52 - Friday morning at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society (TGMS) show- John Cornish

1:21:16 - Society of Mineral Museum Professionals (SMMP) - Jolyon Ralph

1:27:56 - A mineral-collecting field trip to the cliffs of Dover, UK - Jolyon Ralph

1:29:49 - Digging Arkansas Quartz at the James Zigras Mine - Gail Spann

1:31:43 - The mineral museums in Madrid, Spain - Peter Lyckberg
Museo Geominero -
Museo de la Geología -

1:35:15 - The Prospectors show on the Weather Channel - Gail Spann

1:45:22 - The Fersman Museum in Moscow, Russia - Jolyon Ralph

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