Professional Diggers - Addendum

December 20th, 2018 · 40 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

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This episode is a continuation of Episdoe 3 - Professional Diggers.

After we wrapped the recording of Episode 3, the conversation around the breakfast table continued and got even more animated. With most of the microphones still hot, we continued the recording becasue there were some great things being shared.

We subsequently went out to all the participants and let them listen to a preview of this Addendum BEFORE we released it to the public.

So with everyone's permission, we're happy to present our conuation of Breakfast With Minerals - Episode 3 - Professional Diggers.

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7:56:07 - Volodarsk - Tom Praszkier
The Volodarsk-Volynskii Mine that Tom is referring to is in the North-West part of the Ukraine. Historically, this mine has produced some of the finest heliodor specimens ever discovered. This mine also produced huge amounts of fantastic topaz - including a lot of bi-color ones, smoky quartz and morion quartz (aka black quartz).

11:30:08 - Young Mineral Collector Group - Gail Spann
Keep checking back with us. We’ll have an upcoming podcast with key members of the Young Mineral Collector Group.

12:29:01 - Perot Museum - Gail Spann
The Perot Museum is the newest natural history museum in Dallas, Texas. Their Lyda Hill Gem and Mineral Hall is one of the newest mineral museums in the country and consists, primarily, of specimens loaned to the museum by local collectors. One of the huge benefits of this approach is that the display is constantly changing and specimens are returned and new ones accepted.

17:13:04 - Shirley McClain on cover of Time Magazine in 80s - James Zigras
Shirley McClain was on the cover of the December 7, 1987 issue of Time Magazine. The article was called, "The New Age."

28:25:17 - Summit Series in LA - James Zigras
The world's preeminent ideas festival. Right in the City of Angles.

29:56:19 - Fahina in Maiami Beach - James Zigras
A high-end luxury hotel overlooking Miami Beach.

31:59:02 - Crystal Days in Poland - Tom Praszkier
The most important mineral show in Poland.

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